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Adult Psychotherapy Specialty Service

This service is for adults who are struggling with anxiety, depression, general distress, social difficulties, or adjusting to life events. This service may also be helpful for people who are exploring their identities or trying to find meaning in their lives. Treatments offered are evidence-based and primarily informed by acceptance and commitment therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy, with a focus on self-compassion and mindfulness. We believe it is important for patients to feel welcomed, comfortable, and cared for while in therapy, and to be accepted as they are for who they are. With this belief at the heart of our service, we strive to learn about our patients’ cultures, needs, and experiences so that we can best serve them. The length of treatment varies by person, but typically consists of 8-12 sessions, meeting once per week.

Pediatric Specialty Service

The Pediatric Specialty Service provides service to children, adolescents, and their families for a wide range of issues at home and school including: Adherence with medical treatment, anxiety and depression, development disabilities (autism, intellectual disabilities), oppositional, defiant, aggressive behaviors, sleep problems (bedtime resistance, nighttime awakening, etc.), and targeted academic intervention. School/family consultation services can also be provided for school-age children and adolescents who present with behavioral or academic concerns.

This service also provides comprehensive psychoeducational assessments for preschool and school-aged children who are referred by their primary care physician or parents for various developmental, learning, or behavioral concerns, including LD/ADHD. The evaluation involves an extensive intake interview to document developmental history, 3-4 testing sessions, and a feedback meeting. Parents receive a formal psychological report and recommendations. If warranted, consultation with the child’s school may occur.

Healthy Weight Specialty Service

This service helps adults struggling with weight management to lose weight. The evidence-based treatment focuses on making small, non-restrictive lifestyle changes that result in maintained weight loss, along with addressing thoughts, behaviors, and emotional factors that contribute to weight gain and create barriers to effectively lose weight. Beyond losing weight, people sometimes feel that their eating is out of control. In some cases, they may be suffering from a binge eating disorder. We can help people to gain control over their eating. Finally, even if an individual doesn’t need to lose a lot of weight, but would like to live a healthier life through changes to diet and exercise, we can assist with that. We are happy to tailor the treatment to the individual. This weight loss program is approved for NCFlex reimbursement. Smoking cessation services are also available.

Psycho-Educational Evaluations Service for Learning Disorders (LD/ADHD)

This service provides comprehensive LD/ADHD assessments primarily for ECU students referred from ECU Disabilities Support/Student Health Services. The evaluation involves an extensive interview(s), completing 3-4 testing sessions, and receiving feedback/recommendations.

Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy Service

(Temporarily not available)

This service is for adults experiencing emotional problems or disorders (e.g., anxiety, depression, stress) and/or individuals wishing to reduce their drinking and/or abstain from alcohol or other drugs. We also support individuals already working recovery programs who wish additional individual therapy for co-occurring problems. Empirically-supported short-term treatments are emphasized. We will work with your physician or refer you to a medical provider if you are interested in an evaluation for medications as well as therapy.

Behavior Therapy Specialty Service (Adults)

(Temporarily Not Available)

This service is for adults who feel depressed, down, or anxious much of the time, or who feel like they aren’t getting what they want out of their lives. The various responsibilities and stressors we experience in life can push us down a path where we cut back or give up on the things that we find meaningful and enjoyable (valued activities). For some people, this leads to strong feelings of anxiety or fear, and avoidance of valued activities. For others, this leads to feeling depressed and “stuck”, and they expect to fail if they engage in valued activities.

The main treatments utilized in the Behavior Therapy Specialty Service are Behavioral Activation and Exposure-based therapies, which have a high degree of research support, but treatment varies greatly based on individual needs. We typically start treatment by helping patients explore what they would find enjoyable and meaningful about life (their life values) that they may have given up on or never explored. After this, we help patients to set concrete goals and plans to remove barriers and change their life in ways that fit with their values. This process reduces symptoms of depression and anxiety and increases feelings of satisfaction and achievement.